Reverend Connie Hillenbrand


Ordained Metaphysical Minister

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

Bachelors of Metaphysical Science and Metaphysical Practitioner Diploma from University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona.

Ordained Metaphysical MInister affiliated with International Metaphysical Ministries

Member of the Alumni Association

Member of Professional Worldwide Metaphysical Association

What Reverend Hillenbrand's Clients Are Saying

I recently attended a healing session with Reverend Hillenbrand , and honestly, was not expecting what actually occurred! I have dealt with a chronic infection and also an umbilical hernia for several years, but have not had the funds or insurance to have the operation done. I was very curious to under-go the process with Connie to see what really happens, as I have heard so many miraculous stories of healing through such mean . To my utter shock and the middle of the session I began feeling a wave of heat that traveled up my legs and into my body, followed by an outburst of tears and dumping of emotion! Seconds before this happened I was laughing and feeling normal. I then realized this must have been some sort of "purging"! After a few weeks I noticed that my hernia had begun to heal over??!! At this current moment my hernia is 100 percent healed. I have been able to lift heavy objects at work with no strain in the belly, and actually it feels stronger than ever. Reverend Hillenbrand is extremely knowledgeable, and a sweet person.. Very easy going and will fill you in on everything you need to know.


Broc G.

My name is Anne, and I have struggled with depression and repeating cycles of relationship abuse most of my life. This emotional baggage had turned me to substance abuse and addiction. A few months back, I went for a healing session with Reverend Hillenbrand and it was not what I was expecting. The session was somewhat uneventful and lasted only about 20 minutes. There was a bit of doubt in my mind that this would work for me, even though I knew that it had worked for several others. I did however, keep a positive attitude and gave it my best to trust that something would free me from my pain. This is exactly what it did, except it wasn't what I pictured. Instead of healing spontaneously in a moments time during or shortly after the session, I noticed that strange events begin happening in my life that eventually lead me to organize myself, my thoughts, and ultimately find self love. Out of nowhere I began seeing opportunities that were not available before, such as a financial solution to finally attend a high quality rehab program. My abusive relationship has come to an end, and I am living in peace near my family where I receive lots of support. I also have a great job that I actually love and I am doing better than ever before, I've learned so much about myself. It was like Reverend Hillenbrand just cleared a way for me to find a path to healing for myself. I think sometimes we need to go through experiences ourselves to learn  vs just getting a spontaneous healing where there may not be a full understanding of our experience which ultimately leads to our expansion. I highly recommend booking a session with Reverend Hillenbrand:) 

Much Love and Happy Healing,